Monday, June 26, 2017

MAFAC DRIVER or KATHY Replacement Cables

MAFAC 1st Generation Driver or Kathy Replacement Straddle Cables

Straddle Cables were made by a professional motorcycle cable maker.  For strength and safety considerations,  the ends were made slightly longer than original.  I attached some pics.  Notice that the longer ends do stick out a bit from the caliper.

In researching these,  I discovered at least 3 sizes.  All sizes are stainless, but I also offer a 300 mm size with a zinc option.   The original cables were zinc.  Also,  there were 2 end diameters.  These ends are 2.8 mm and fit more common 1st generation calipers only.
Available Cable options from end-end:
300 mm    (Stainless or Zinc)
310 mm.  (Stainless only)
320 mm.  (Stainless only)

*Wire diameter 1.2 mm,  Cable End diameter 2.8 mm,  End length 6 mm. 

PLEASE NOTE: 2nd Generation Drivers used 3.85 ends.  These 2.8 mm cables  fit  1st generation Drivers and Kathy calipers only.  Do NOT use these for larger ended calipers! Please measure if uncertain. 

Perfect for your Toie, Rene Herse or Alex Singer.
Price is $19.00 plus shipping per pair (2 cables).  
Please contact:
info at to order.

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