Friday, May 13, 2011

Masi Cambio Corsa C. 1946 Passing the torch Faliero to Alberto 2007

I found this Cambio Corsa-equipped Masi bike in Modena in about 2003. It had an incorrect fork. Top 2 fotos show it in original condition on right side. Alberto estimates its vintage at 1946, when his father was often wielding the torch. Frame was solid and came with original brass head badge. Alberto took charge of the restoration. He chose the Masi Milano decals since the correct decals weren't available at the time of painting. He also epoxied an original "small badge" to the seat tube. The "small badge" is actually a cut-out of a head badge. This frame is literally and figuratively a symbol of passing the torch from father to son. Alberto built the fork from 40s era blades, Fischer crown and I provided a set of matching Campy dropouts. Fotos on top tube shows the restoration in progresso. and the "Molto lavoro!" required on the big ol' Fischer crown.
*Ambrosio alloy bar & adjustable stem.
*Universal Mod 39 Alloy Brakes and Levers
*Cercci Clement and Paris Roubaix Tubulars
*FB hubs and Cranks
*Campagnolo Cambio Corsa shift mechanism
*Aquila Leather Saddle
*BS Bolleo & Saluzzo Headset/Bottom Bracket
*Sheffield Pedals

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