Monday, June 26, 2017

MAFAC DRIVER or KATHY Replacement Cables

MAFAC 1st Generation Driver or Kathy Replacement Straddle Cables

Straddle Cables were made by a professional motorcycle cable maker.  For strength and safety considerations,  the ends were made slightly longer than original.  I attached some pics.  Notice that the longer ends do stick out a bit from the caliper.

In researching these,  I discovered at least 3 sizes.  All sizes are stainless, but I also offer a 300 mm size with a zinc option.   The original cables were zinc.  Also,  there were 2 end diameters.  These ends are 2.8 mm and fit more common 1st generation calipers only.
Available Cable options from end-end:
300 mm    (Stainless or Zinc)
310 mm.  (Stainless only)
320 mm.  (Stainless only)

*Wire diameter 1.2 mm,  Cable End diameter 2.8 mm,  End length 6 mm. 

PLEASE NOTE: 2nd Generation Drivers used 3.85 ends.  These cables 2.8 mm fit  1st generation Drivers and Kathy calipers only.  Do NOT use these for larger ended calipers! Please measure if uncertain. 

Perfect for your Toie, Rene Herse or Alex Singer.
Price is $19.00 plus shipping per pair (2 cables).  
Please contact:
info at to order.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weinmania! Ancient Dural and Steel Weinmann Brakes.

Pile of Old Weinmann Circa 1930s? 40s, 50s, 60s? 

Ancient Dural with Wrap-Around Springs

Ancient Steel with Wrap-Around Springs

1950s Dural Polished with modern back (pegged on the back) springs.

1950s-Early 1960s Center Pulls Single-Spring

1950s and early 1960s Dural Levers

Lastly, an early version of the Carrera, Weinmann's last side-pull hurrah circa 1976.  Rocking ol' Super Sport Styling, Carreras were  available in black anodizing with a sexier QR  during the early 1980s.  They were a Swiss response to Campy Nuovo/Super Record and Modolo.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pecorari Frame/Fork 1950s

Frame for Sale  $300.  Contact sd999 at yahoo
Artisan-built in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Seat Tube c-c 57 cm, center-top about 59 cm
Top Tube about 57.5 cm.
Agrati Dropouts, Campagnolo Single Lever and Cable Guides.  Seat Clamp is Missing Bolt.
 Frame was repainted a long time ago, possibly late 50s or 60s?  Paint has patina and looks old. It should polish up nicely, if you want a shiny frame.

Paint was done in Modena Italy--see decal. Paint and chrome are in excellent condition.  Judging by the opening inside the head tube, I guess that the down tube was replaced--see pics.
Rainbow stripes don't quite make it all the way around seat tube.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Removing Flanges from 3-Piece Campagnolo, FB Hubs

Ultra Detailed instructions and Photos Courtesy of Dave Hoag.



Big vise: 5-inches wide x 6-inche opening (pix 1 and 2).  Most vises come with knurled, hardened jaws, suitable for rough work.  For bike parts, use soft aluminum or copper jaws.  I made some aluminum jaws at Vo-Tec night school.  You can buy copper guards to place over the knurled jaws.  If you don’t have a vise, you might consider an arbor press.
Hole saws, slightly larger than the belled ends of the axle barrel (1 for front hub, 1 for rear)
Sockets, sized to just fit inside axle hole of flanges
Make wooden blocks for pressing out barrel from flanges (pix 3 through 6), one for front hub, one for rear.  Made from 2 x 4’s.  Drill hole just large enough to pass the barrel end.  Saw slot just wide enough to pass barrel.
For late model bombe flanges, cut ¾-inch thick blocks with hole wide enough to cushion the bombe from the flange (pic 8).

1.    To remove flanges, place wooden block with socket and hub in vise jaws, and press out the barrel (pic 7).  Socket will push out the axle as the vise is tightened.

2.    Press first flange on the barrel with vise (lubricate the surfaces with Vaseline first).  If flange is the older flat model, no cushion block is needed.  Use cushion blocks if flange is bombe. 

3.    Align second flange on barrel by hand, ensuring that the spoke holes are perfectly staggered from one flange to the other.  Press on second flange with vise, using cushion blocks if necessary.

4.    Check that spoke holes are staggered.

5.    Roll hub on a table.  If flanges do not roll straight, remove and reinstall.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Bayonet-Fluted Durax Super Course, fresh from the chromer.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Twin Cities Vintage Bastille Day Ride. July 10, 2016

Vintage Bastille Day Ride Sunday July 10th
13th Annual Twin Cities Bastille Day Ride rolls on Sunday July 10th --weather permitting.  Bring your ol’ French or French-equipped steed or bottle of Alize, Baguette, French Toast French Fries or even another vintage bike.
Place: Near Old Chicago Pizza, Har Mar Mall in St.Paul on Snelling and County Rd B.
2 Distances:
1. Approx. 20 miles turn-around at N. Saint Paul.
2. Approx. 42 Leisurely miles along the Gateway Trail. Rest-stop at turn-around. 

Snacks, Beer & Pizza available at Har Mar Chicago Pizza, after the ride. 

***In case of rain,  pizza and beer will start at noon***

WHEN: 11:30 am Sunday July 10th, 2016
Scott Davis Twin Cities MN USA