Friday, February 27, 2015

HURET JUBILEE Derailleur Adapater Set (Campy, Suntour Shimano) Reproduction SOLD OUT

Reproduction adapter set to fit non-Huret droputs such as Campy, Shimano, Suntour, etc. 
Set was designed with a slightly longer pivot bolt &  jam nut.  Set consists of the following parts: 
1.)  Steel Adapter Plate in black oxide.  2-3). Adjusting screw and spring. 4.) Nickel-plated 10 mm bolt. 5. White Teflon pivot washer.  6.) Brass Jam nut.
Pictures are shown below with and w/out a Jubilee.  SOLD OUT
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*Due to extra cost and potential safety issues, my design engineer advised against using the Huret-style expanding-bolt  system with a 4 mm allen fit into the backside of the 10 mm bolt.


djddanny said...

How can I buy this?


Kool Bikes said...
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Kool Bikes said...

Hi, sorry I haven't figured out the blog communications system very well. Please contact me directly at info at sdbicyclegarage dot com
I accept paypal. Shipping is 3.00 in the USA or 8.00 internationally. Thanks SD