Monday, October 6, 2014

JP Weigle hosts "French Fender Day" 2014

Just a few snapshots from French Fender Day at Le atelier de Peter in Connecticut....

Le Constructeur bows to Midas touch.  To his left, Midas a chalk "artiste,"  tatoo artiste and frame builder.   On his right, and behind sunglasses wearing a Panama hat, is a suspicious looking anonymous Key West-French Connection beside his yellow '57 Ducheron.

Little blue Rene Herse with close-up of Huret 800 Luxe Front Derailleur.

1957 Ducheron

Routens, Chrome Herse also equipped with Huret 800 Luxe, Singer  and Egg

Citroen Fenders
Little Red Lotus fenders crash the party

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