Friday, May 15, 2009

Masi found!

My Masi, lost by UPS, was found by the US Postal Inspector. Somehow. the US Postal Service recovered 4 or 5 packages from the heist. Mine was the only unopened package. Contents were perfect. Apparently the thieves panicked & abandoned the packages outside the distribution warehouse. A day before it was recovered, and 30 days after it went MIA, I phoned UPS. I asked if it could have been stolen, as the last 2 UPS scans were at that warehouse. They just said their "tracing dept. investigation was finished and there were no security issues." I wonder how they define security!


mpetry912 said...

Absolutely the best of the best! Is that an "initial" from Alberto on the fork blade ? what a wonderful bike. So glad you got it back!

Anonymous said...

Man... so lucky. You want to count your blessings on that one. Lovely bike.