Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Masi Vigorelli Christmas Bike Show

Twas the weekend before Christmas and around Vigorelli, Sexy Race Bikes were all over! Alberto Masi hosted a classic racing bicycle show on December 20th, 2008. Special guest was Fausto Coppi teammate Signore Crippa (pictured above in front of green/stainless Masi.)

Sexy Race Bikes on Display in and around the Masi shop were 3 Bianchi bikes of Fausto Coppi including a tutti original 1952 strada, the 1949 Pista Pokerissimo and a 1955 strada with some "not quite period correct parts." Also shown was a 70s Patrick Sercu Gios 6-day pista, A 70s Eddy Merckx Molteni, a 1967-68 Colnago Molteni (pre-Merckx), a 1930s Bianchi Tandem Pista and steyer and Roger Riviere's 1958 Hour Record Bianchi Pista, 1950 BSA Brambilla "Pogliaghi" Pista. 1966 Masi Pista, 70s Chrome Masi Prestige, Masi Faema Merckx Replica, some Masi LTD Specials made with OS tubing and Richie "Ricardo" Sachs Nuovo Masi lugs. In front of the shop, Signore Grippa is standing near the latest STEEL Masi race frames with Super Legerra Columbus Stainless Tubing and carbon forks. All other Fotos appear in 12/21 posts below:

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