Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This frame was hanging above the door in the Beretta Shop at VillaSanta Milano from 1942 until last year. The artigiano's 80-year-old son said it was never used, but was partially built because customer ordered it during WWII, but never picked it up. It includes an FM Beretta Headset and a Brampton BB. He said the Italians sometimes used British BBs during the war.
Frame measures 61 cm center-top seat tube/59.5 c-c.
Top Tube is 57.5 cm c-c.
Rear Axle Spacing 110x10mm. Front 100 mm.
Dropouts are chromed. Head Lugs are chromed and pinstriped.
As fotos show, only 1 scratch was touched up on top tube. The frame has a few scattered smaller scratches or scuffs throughout. Chrome on front of fork crown shows a chip and BB spindle end has a flake on the chrome. BB grease is very old and coagulated. Headset grease was equally old, but was disassembled for shipping.


Stephen said...

Wow! Where is the frame now? This feel like velo-archeology, but I really want to ride the bones! (Ouch. Sorry.)
How did you come across it? Details, please!

Kool Bikes said...

I got it in Italy from a collector. It's now on (220246693913) ebay: