Monday, August 16, 2010

Masi Pista Speciale Corsa C. 1946. Completo

*Aquila Superiore NOS Sprint Saddle, Support & Seat Tube Clamp.
*Sheffield NOS Sprint Pedals
*Regina NOS 1" Pitch Chain.
*Siamt NOS Pista Hubs/Fiamme Sprint Rims
*BSA Chainring/FB Cranks
*Special Integrated Floating Headset.
*Philippe Adjustable Chrome Steel Track Stem
*Frame Restoration paint/chrome Michael Barry Toronto Canada


mpetry912 said...

Scott - that's a stunner, man. Lot of careful work went into putting that bike in better than new condition. The paint job is a lot like that of an early 60s Masi Special. A cut above! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Very nice job. A few comments that would make it perfect: The seat tube decal is positioned too high, the saddle strut is really not necessary when the saddle is positioned all the way back (these were generally used for time trials when the rider was in a saddle-forward position). The strut should also be vertical. Finally, ditch the french stem. Keep it Tutto Italiano, baybee!

Anonymous said...

I guess my last comments didn't get posted, so I'll tray again. Such a nice bike deserves a perfect setup. Here's what I'd do: Move the saddle forward so that the saddle strut is vertical - or ditch the strut altogether. The seat tube decal is positioned way too high. Lower the handlebar stem deeper into the headset - track cycles always positioned the stem for deepest drop. Finally, get an Italian stem!!!!

Kool Bikes said...

You're right about the stem height. It's too long for the head tube. I have a Cinelli bar/stem, but it's too new for the rest of the bike. It should have a Cinelli-Firenze bar/stem. Saddle Support was common on 40s track bikes because the saddle clamps weren't very effective in keeping the saddle level. SD